Ukraine may completely stop exporting confectionery to Turkey

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Ukraine against the background of the introduction by Turkey of an additional duty on imports of confectionery products in the amount of 15% before 20% may stop exporting confectionery to this country and lose because of it $ 15 million per year, said the president of the Association “Ukrkondprom” Oleksandr Baldyniuk.
Association “Ukrkondprom” sent a letter to the Ministry of Economic Development, торгівлі і сільського господарства України на ім’я заступника міністра, торгового представника України Тараса Качки, в якому повідомлялось про те, that Turkey's decision to impose additional duties will lead to the cessation of Ukrainian confectionery exports to Turkey. Ukraine's losses may reach $ 15 million. We are waiting for a response from our state to this decision of Turkey “, – said Alexander Baldynyuk in a comment to the agency” Interfax-Ukraine “.
The President of the Association noted, that Ukraine, upon accession to the WTO, signed a bilateral protocol with Turkey on mutual market access on unequal terms in the trade in sweets.
“Ukraine has agreed to apply duties on Turkish confectionery in the amount of 5 before 15% depending on the product group, while similar Ukrainian goods are taxed at the same level by Turkey 35-45%, moreover, the country collects quite complex to calculate duties – in addition to cost and specific duties, an additional duty on agricultural components is also applied. But despite the fact, that Turkey imposes much higher duties on us, we have a parity trade turnover “, – explained Alexander Baldinyuk.
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