Purpose and tasks

Activity of the Association is th constant coordination of the economic activities of its Participants without the right to interference in their production, economic and commercial activities, the adoption of managerial decisions on the development and implementation in Ukraine of the regulatory mechanism for managing the process of production of confectionery, coffee, food concentrates and starch and their implementation in oder to comply with the uniform requirements for their safety and quality, support and creation of conditions for the development of domestic confectionery producers in, food concentrates, coffee and starch based on smart integration of, intellectual, industrial, financial and material resources Members Association.

The subject of the activity Association is to coordinate the activities of its participants on the following issues:

– granting, compilation of technical information, creation of conditions for the exchange of information between the Association's members and the introduction of education of Association Members in order to clarify the Association's goals by organizing lectures, discussions, seminars and conferences, speeches in mass media, and providing consultations;

– dissemination among the Association members of the achievements of science, technical knowledge, best practices on effective technology, implementing measures to reduce costs, environmentally sound technologies;

– formation of the system of professional training of the Association Members;

– preparation, gathering, systematization and regular publication of information on the work of the Association and its Participants, on branch problems, foreign experience;

– organization of analytical work on management and marketing in the involved markets and regular dissemination of the works among the Association Members;

– providing only methodical assistance to the Association's members when eliminating shortcomings in the work or qualification improvement of the members of the Association's Members;

– provide of information, namely: gathering among the Participants only production data, and other information, wich is approved by the General Meeting of the Association Members and dissemination of this information among the Participants not earlier than a month and not later than two months after its collection, in case of the impossibility of using these data against the Participants Associations;

– participation together with the Association Members in anti-dumping, special, and other protective measures, help by other states in relation to confectionery, food concentrates, starch industries and coffee in Ukraine;

– standardization, namely, the promote of the efficiency of the confectionery, food concentrates, starch industries and the production of coffee (confectionery market, food concentrates, starch, molasses and coffee) exclusively by developing, discussion, propose objectively valid types of classifiers, product quality standards , operational reliability and safety, environment standards ;

– cooperation with the authorities on regulatory and legal regulation of the general principles of functioning of the confectionery market, food concentrates, starch and coffee; including, development and introduction of joint tariff, customs and anti-dumping regulation; organization of joint efforts against rising prices and dutiea on raw materials in the customs import into the territory of Ukraine; integration at the micro level in order to expand territorial markets, increasing the size of the market, in order to increase the competition and dynamic development of the industry, in which the Association Members work, in order to implement the best terms of trade, achieve the effect of expanding trade with the growth of infrastructure;

– representation and protection of the interests of the Association's Members in the bodies of state power, as well as in other organizations both in Ukraine, and abroad;

– assistance in creation of conditions for the exit of the Association's Members to foreign markets, including, joint efforts for the general representation of domestic producers of confectionery, food concentrates, starch, coffee in foreign markets, access to trading markets, positioning in foreign markets, including joint actions for organization, holding, and for participate in international exhibitions, international conferences, and other similar events;

– promoting of the establishment of a positive image of producers of products among the public , including, joint action aimed at overcoming, stopping, preventing the production and distribution of counterfeit goods by other manufacturers of confectionery, food concentrates, starch, coffee, produced and sold, both on the territory of Ukraine, and outside its borders as similar, similar goods, and those, that copy, coincide, are mixed with the objects of intellectual property of the Association Members.

To realize these objectives the Association, in accordance with the procedure established by law:

– makes proposals to the authorities on, issues related to the sphere of production and sale of confectionery products, food concentrates, starch and coffee, investment, scientific and technical, tax and financial-credit policy, market relations and other issues of social and economic development of this sphere of activity, including, on defending the interests of the industry in the framework of customs, tariff, anti-dumping legislation, promotion of the interests of the domestic producer through a number of preferences and privileges; preparing, holding, defending clearly defined permanent lines in the legislative and executive bodies of pover and administration, aimed at creating the most favorable conditions for the development of confectionery, food concentrates and starch sectors in Ukraine, and their positioning on foreign markets; implementation of targeted development programs for industries, improving of technical regulations; solution of quastion in the field of standardization;

– carries out informational, expert, consultative support of its Participants;

– initiates and implements a productive exchange among the Participants in terms of knowledge and practice of solving various issues;

– creating a database on, issues related to the activities of the Association Members;

– helps organize in Ukraine or abroad for Members of the Association scientific conferences, workshops, exhibitions, presentations on, relevant to the Association;

– promotes legislative and regulatory support to the activities of the Association Members;

– concludes any agreements of a civil law and in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.