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Heredity criteria

According to section 6 of the Professional Ethics rules, which regulates the general principles of professional ethics, ethical standards, rules and agreements, in 2018 in the Association “Ukrkondprom” was established Commission which consists of industry representatives, state authorities and independent experts. They developed and agreed criteria of continuity, which may be sufficient reason for enterprises to indicate the "year of creation" of the company on the packaging of their products.

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Rules of Professional Ethics

In 2013 the Association “Ukrkondprom” decided to create a single market rules of behavior for confectionery, food concentrates and coffee products in Ukraine.

Such a document should lay down the diligent performance by the enterprises-producers in the territory of Ukraine of their duties, respect for the parties and consumers, strict compliance with the Constitution of Ukraine, other normative legal acts, and the requirements of this Rules.

It should also clearly define the standards of incompatibility with the professional ethics and morals of the scheme of dishonest business conduct, including lobbying their interests in state bodies through material incentives, bribes, the use of administrative resources and other illegal means, and oblige all dependent on them to legitimately assist in preventing their appearance in business management practice in the Ukrainian confectionery market.

The text Rules was approved by the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and approved for early 2014 year.

All members of the Association "Ukrkondprom" – are signatories hereof.

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