Putting products into production

Excerpts from

DSTU 3946 "The system development and putting in production output. Food Products. Guidelines for the development and putting in production of new and innovative food "


3.2 type of food - classification category of food, united by the same name by some of the signs. Type of food can be represented by one or more groups of related products.

3.4 group of related products (within one type of food) - a set of products, characterized by a common purpose of functional, the use and range of basic parameters of safety and quality


11.1 The decision on putting on new products selection committee accepts the evaluation developed technical documentation and prototypes of products (pilot batch). Selection committee convened developer and / product or manufacturer. Composition and receiving komisiyiformuye zatverdzhuyerozrobnyk. Chairman of the selection committee appointed competent customer representative. When initiating the development of the selection committee chairman appointed representative of the customer.

If necessary, the decision of the customer and the developer to the selection committee of experts can be involved outside organizations.

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