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Activity report 2018 year

Specialized Industrial tasting commission to assess the quality of confectionery, food concentrates, coffee, tea and beverages based on them (SITC).

At the meeting were evaluated SITC kinds of, which were presented on the basis of the development of new formulations, working process parameters, change / replacement materials (re-approval), and extension of life (subject to the availability of test reports from accredited laboratories):

Marmalade 3
Candy fondant not glazed / kond glazed. 1/69
Candy wafer coated kond glazed. 11
Candy is not dried mixture of unglazed/ kond glazed . 1/7
Candy pralinopodibni unglazed / glazed shok/ kond glazed. 1/3/7
Candy coated souffle stuffed kond glazed. 4
Candy with fatty fillings unglazed / kond glazed. 0/9
Candy with candy mass unglazed / kond glazed. 19/2
Candy toffee (quench your hunger) unglazed / kond glazed. 2/7
Waffles unglazed / kond glazed. 1/15
crackers 15
Ыugar cookies unglazed / kond glazed. 65/2
butter Cookies 16
Biscuits protein 4
H / F protein cake 18
H / F waffle cakes 3
Caramel 43
Galetis unglazed / kond glazed. 15/2
breakfast cereals 5
Chips 6
sneki 2
Grilyazh 1
muffin 4
Cookie-sandwich 16
dragee 5
Total: 384

In addition to meetings SITC manufacturers provide examples packaging with printed labeling for advice on correct application for compliance with laws and regulations.

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