How to become a member of Association

The Association "Ukrkondprom" accepts new members (Participants) on a voluntary, non-discriminatory basis. The procedure and terms of entry are in accordance with the provisions of the Charter.

The Association can be a business entity, regardless of the forms of ownership and types of business entity, which are residents of Ukraine; manage the confectionery production market, food concentrates, starch and coffee; are determined to actively contribute to the achievement of the Association's objectives and subject matter, agreed with the size of the contributions and the procedure for their introduction.

The decision on the admission of new members (Participants) tj the Association shall be made at the General Meeting on the Parties upon submission of the Supervisory Board.

Admission to the Members of the Association is carried out on the basis of following documents:

1) a written application from the head of a business entity - a new member, who wishes to become a Participant, which should contain:

a) details:

– full and abbreviated name;

– identification number;

– legal address (location);

– postal address (address for correspondence);

– contact person (phone, fax, e-mail);

– Bank details;

– activity in the relevant market (period, subject of activity);

– availability of an integrated international quality and safety system (data);

– full name of the Executive Body, with full details of the person, who holds such a post;

– indication of other authorized persons of the entity;

b) expression of the desire to join the Association (to become its Participant);

c) indication of consent to comply with the requirements of the Charter, decisions of the authorities and control, to pay contributions;

d) other information at the request of the candidate;

e) the signature of the head of the business entity, the seal of the business entity.

2) a certified copy of the decision of the supreme body of management and control or other authorized body management and control of the subject of management about join the Association;

3) the certificate signed by the head and chief accountant of the entity in relation to the volumes of production for the last three months;

4) certified copies of the certificate of state registration, certificate of inclusion in EDRPOU and certificate of registration of the taxpayer.

The presence of the above-mentioned documents does not impose an obligation on the Association and does not give legal grounds for the acceptance of the business entity to the members (Participants) of the Association.

Each member (participant) of the Association has the right to withdraw from the Association, notifying it in writing no later than one month before the release. A duly certified copy of the decision of the highest management body of the Participant or other authorized body of management and control of the business entity to leave the Association is attached to the written notification. The rights of the Participant of the Association shall be terminated in connection with its withdrawal one month after receipt of the notice.

The withdrawal from the membership of the Association does not terminate the mutual obligations that, arose between a member (Participant) and the Association, taking into account the payment of unpaid timely membership fees.

The exceptions of a Member (Participant) from the Association occurs, if:

– the member (participant) of the Association terminates the activity;

– the competent authority withdraws (revokes) the issued by a member (to the Participant) the corresponding license or other permission document , that is essential for its type of activity;

– the member (participant) of the Association does not pay contributions within 2 calendar months from the expiration of the term of payment of such contribution;

– the member (participant) of the Association does not fulfill other duties, stipulated by the legislation and the Association Charter.

During the withdrawal of a Member ( Participant) from the Association or its exclusion from the Association, he is not entitled to part of the property of the Association and to return the paid entrance fees, membership fees and other contributions.