Establishment of international container lines in the ports of Great Odesa for the unloading of the western border

Nov 29 2023 published c Activity, earnings, news

At this stage, due to the strike, a significant amount of cargo accumulated on the Polish border. Despite the government's efforts, the problem is not solved quickly, and demonstrates our dependence on the Polish border. After all, even minor strikes lead to a collapse on the western border, and numerous negotiations show that the problem is complex. Russian influence on this situation is not excluded, and the Polish government does not contribute to solving the problem. In general, this problem is systemic and difficulties at the border have been observed before, to this protest action of Polish carriers.

Since the concept of using the "grain corridor" has now changed, including, since the middle of September, this corridor has been operating without the participation of Russia and without the need to agree on the list of goods and ships entering the port - it is worth establishing international container lines to the ports of Great Odesa for the transportation of finished Ukrainian products and the unloading of the western border.

153 vessel, that are transported over 5,6 million metric tons of grain and other cargo - passed through the Black Sea Humanitarian Corridor of Ukraine from September to 24 November 2023 .

If we establish international container lines on this route of the "grain corridor" and expand the list of products, transported through this corridor by other goods with high added value - this will allow to solve several important issues at once.

This will positively affect the cost of logistics, will improve the position of Ukrainian food and other goods on foreign markets, will contribute to an increase in the total volume of exports, as well as this would more than halve the load on car checkpoints and reduce queues at the western borders, including, with Poland and the ports of Gdansk, Renee, Constantius.

For example, before the start of a full-scale war, only confectionery and starch-molasses products provided a sufficiently powerful cargo flow (close 160 th. etc.) through the Odesa port, using sea container transportation. The situation is similar in other food industries.

The full text of the appeal of the Ukrainian Business Council can be found at the link:ї-odesi-dlya-rozvantazhennya-zahidnogo-kordonu/

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