Bill 10439-Bureau of Economic Security

Apr 11 2024 published c Activity, earnings, news

Ukrkondprom as a member of the Ukrainian Council Business became a signatory of the appeal, in which the people are called upon deputies to consider business proposals, including, of:

  • Prescribing the procedure for re-certification of all personnel, which would contain key fuses, in particular, regarding the impossibility of renewal by the courts employees, who did not pass such re-certification;
  • Strengthening the analytical function of the Bureau by provision of free access for BEB to existing state information systems;
  •  Establishing performance criteria for the updated Bureau economic security and their constant control;
  • Granting the right to the personnel commission during re-certification of personnel should be guided by reasonable doubt, which is based on facts, documents, etc – during the integrity check of the candidate.

Disregard of the above-mentioned proposals regarding the mechanism of re-certification of current employees and strengthening the analytical function of the law enforcement body – carries a significant risk saving personnel, that do not comply with the principles of integrity and repeatability unsuccessful launch of the Bureau of Economic Security.

The full text of the appeal can be found at link:

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