Ukraine goes to a low content of trans fat - the inevitable prospect, and we support it – Association “Ukrkondprom”

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The export orientation of Ukrainian oilseed and confectionary industries contribute to their gradual adaptation to the modern international quality standards. In this interview, we raised the issue of regulation of content in the production of fatty acid isomers, Ili transjirov. Their presence in food is allowed, but in large quantities they have been recognized as harmful to health, Therefore, in some countries, their content is strictly regulated. Spetszhiry and margarine products for the confectionery industry and related industries, such as filling fats, glaze, test, cocoa butter substitutes, and so on., produced in Ukraine, consumed, and exported. Their assessments about the prospects for the industry's development shared chapter Association "Ukrkondprom" Alexander Baldynyuk

Alexander, now in many countries, importing confectionery products from Ukraine, introduced by regulation, which is intended to limit the content in food of trans fatty acids (CBR). What is the situation with this issue in Ukraine?

– Of course, and in Ukraine, such a regulation is already being considered, and we expect, that it will be implemented in the future. Naturally, We need a certain transitional period in order, the producers were able to make the necessary re, form the raw material market, which would meet the requirements of the content of TFAs. These changes should take place within the confectioners' cooperation on the one hand, who are consumers of fat, and oil and fat industry - other. For each type of product characteristics agreed, that must be met to use fats. In this way, there is a need for the, that each confectionery company held talks with Wen (manufacturers of fats. – ca.. row. ), to jointly develop and produce certain kinds of fats, which then can be used in their recipes.

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