"Ukrkondprom": consumers overpay for confectionery products at least 15-20% due to the government's failed energy policy

Nov 30 2021 published c Uncategorized, Activity, earnings, news

Such a statement made by the President of the Association "Ukrkondprom" Alexander Baldynyuk.

He reported, that for several months food producers have been forced to buy gas at a price, which exceeds 30 thousand UAH. for a thousand cubes, leading to significant increase in the value of products in the domestic market and decline competitiveness of Ukrainian products in foreign markets.

"In the food industry is used only approximately 6% of total consumption gas, therefore, the government has the ability to curb rising food prices products, to the value of which the most vulnerable socially vulnerable groups people. For example, the Government of Poland, to overcome the effects of high inflation country, developed a number of measures in the energy sector, including reductions VAT rates on gas from 23% before 8%, and excises will be completely abolished and reduced VAT on electricity, which will lead to a significant reduction in energy costs for consumers. In addition, close 5 millions of Polish households have to receive payments in size 96-275 dollars to support families in the face of rising food prices food", – said O.Baldynyuk.

In Ukraine g, in his opinion, the government is not paying enough attention to the energy crisis.

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