Why Ukraine is losing the Belarusian market

Jul 27 2021 published c Uncategorized, Activity, earnings, news

Ukrainian goods may finally lose the market of neighboring Belarus.

Indicative, that this problem was not caused by political sanctions, and the desire to give preference to domestic automakers in the Ukrainian market. Ukraine has applied a special duty at the level 16,08% to the Belarusian import of rods and 35% to the import of motor vehicles.

In response, Belarus imposed restrictions on Ukrainian exports.

These restrictions have been in force for two months, and during this time the Cabinet of Ministers has not taken any decisions to resolve the dispute. And no new markets have been found, as promised by government officials.

Consequently, in the Belarusian market, Russian goods are easily replacing Ukrainian ones. And here the forecasts are bleak.

You can read the full text of the article at the link: https://www.eurointegration.com.ua/experts/2021/07/27/7125899/

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