Putting products into production

11.2 The functions of the selection committee can carry out special tasting commission, The specialized research institutions, producing enterprises or associations.

Regulations on specialized tasting commission develop and maintain organization, creating a commission, and coordinate it with the central executive body, implements the state policy in the field of safety and quality parameters of some food and / or one of its local authorities.

11.3 The composition of specialized tasting commission includes representatives of producers, associations, created commissions and regional representatives approved according to the established procedure Regulation on special tasting commission.

11.4 The decision on putting on the production of new food selection committee takes over the terms of developer evidence, that the recent food product:

– poses no threat to human health;

– its characteristics do not mislead consumers;

– the amount of nutrients and other substances, energy, which receives consumer under normal consumption, no different than the values ​​of those natural variations, derived from conventional food;

– He entered in the register of new food products according to legislation.

11.5 The decision on putting the production facilities of sanitary measures, subject to state registration under the laws of the selection committee takes over the terms of developer evidence, these objects:

– not pose a threat to human health;

– their characteristics do not mislead consumers;

– They made the appropriate state registers.

11.6 In consideration of the selection committee representing the developer TC, The draft regulations (if their development is provided), technological documentation, test results and other material, confirming compliance with vehicle developed products and certify its compliance with safety legislation and specific indicators of food quality.

11.7 After reviewing the submitted documents is an act of commission, which determines compliance with vehicle development and takes one of the solutions:

– approval of the technical documentation and the possibility of putting products on production;

– on the need to improve production.

11.8 The decision on the signing of the selection committee receives the consent of the chairman and the majority of committee members. Statement of the selection committee considered valid, if it is signed without reservations least 2 /3 actual commission.

If there are differences, committee members, disagree with the decision, recorded in the act of selection committee, sign it with a "with particular opinion" in writing and shall issue a dissenting opinion. Minority is an integral part of the act of receiving commission.

11.9 The Admissions Committee takes a positive decision concerning the placing of products on the production of the following conditions:

– production provided a full set of technical documentation;

– technological documentation contains complete, accurate and accessible information on safe manufacturing of products.

11.10 Act of receiving commission approves its head.

Adoption Act means the end of the selection committee drafting, termination vehicle, Harmonization Commission presented draft normative and technical documentation, and the conditions for the start of production.

11.11 In the event of a negative assessment results develop in the act of determining the possible directions of further action Developer, Manufacturer and conditions re-convene the selection committee determine whether to extend or work.

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