Ukraine will not be an exception: the price of a popular product is expected to rise all over the world

Sea 18 2024 published c Activity, earnings, news

The global chocolate crisis is intensifying - African factories for processing cocoa beans are suspending work. This will lead to the global rise in chocolate prices, which may become a delicacy in the future. Ukrainian manufacturers of confectionery products in addition, they are under additional pressure - due to difficulties with logistics against the background of the Polish blockade of the border.

As reportedReuters with reference to the words of traders, chocolate prices are expected to rise in the world due to the suspension of cocoa bean processing plantsin Ghana and Ivory Coast. “Chocolate manufacturers cannot produce products from raw cocoa and rely on processing plants. But, processing enterprises claim, what are theydo not have the opportunity to purchase cocoa beans“, - stated in the message.

During the last year cocoa prices more than doubled, breaking historical highs several times. Chocolate producers have already raised prices for consumers after three years of cocoa failure, and, probably, is expected the fourth unharvested year in Ghana and Ivory Coast, which produce almost 60% of the world's cocoa volume.

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