“Ukrkondprom”: it is necessary to lift the ICMT sanctions on Belarusian products as soon as possible, which led to the closure of the market for Ukrainian exporters

Nov 04 2021

Such a statement made by the President of the Association "Ukrkondprom" Alexander Baldynyuk, commenting information about that, that the Supreme Court Ukraine rejected the cassation appeal of the Ministry of Economy and the Association Ukrainian automakers “Ukravtoprom” in the case of sanctions concerning the import of a number of goods from the Republic of Belarus.

According to him, today's court decision means, that Belarusian products, against which the Interdepartmental Commission on International Trade has imposed sanctions with violation of the procedure, will be able to import freely into Ukraine in the future, Unlike Ukrainian exports to Belarus, which remains blocked for six months ICMT decision, which led to sanctions against Ukrainian products.

O. Baldyniuk also reminded, what 26 May 2021 year Council of Ministers of Belarus resolution № 292 approved a regime of individual licensing for the import of a number Ukrainian goods and since then the export of Ukrainian products, that got under licensing, - blocked.

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Ukrkondprom welcomes decisive steps of the State Food and Consumer Service to stop selling sanctioned Russian goods

Oct 26 2021

This statement was made by the President of the Association Ukrkondprom Alexander Baldinyuk.

He reported, that the Main Department of the State Food and Consumer Services in Kharkiv region, the results of market monitoring revealed sales banned confectionery of Russian production in large quantities. IN the results of the candy inspection were withdrawn from sale, and to the local network sweets shops were fined for selling sanctioned goods.

"During the inspection of one of the trade networks it was the fact of trade in Russian candies is established, which are under sanctions and therefore cannot be imported and sold in Ukraine. State Consumer Service, in within the powers, Appropriate protocols were drawn up and fines were issued. " – said O.Baldynyuk.

But, he said, it's not just about trade in large quantities of sanctioned goods, but also about the supply of such products price Ukraine |, and sales of n sweets indicate established sales channels.

"Now it is necessary to fight the flow of such law enforcement agencies will join the Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor's Office, Department of the Security Service of Ukraine in Kharkiv Oblast and the National Police in Kharkiv Oblast areas », – noted the head of "Ukrkondprom".

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"Ukrkondprom": the country's food security is under threat due to extremely high gas prices

Oct 12 2021

Such a statement made by the President of the Association "Ukrkondprom" Alexander Baldynyuk.

He reported, that from January 2021 year, the price of gas has risen in 7 times, that can lead to the suspension and even bankruptcy of many food businesses, in including the confectionery industry.

Alexander Baldinyuk explained, that in Ukraine there is such a critical situation with gas tariffs for industry, as the vast majority of Ukrainian enterprises do not have gas suppliers of long-term contracts, so they have to buy gas at stock prices.

"Formally in Ukraine there is an opportunity to conclude early contracts with gas traders, but for the content of such contracts differs significantly from those, which are concluded in the countries EU. A fixed-price forward contract is concluded in the European Union, but the volumes of gas are paid for as they are received. In Ukraine, industrial companies must immediately pay for the entire amount of gas, which they plan receive during the year, and in addition - the cost of its storage in gas storage facilities. This system is a profanation of futures. In addition, such working capital simply does not have working capital " – stressed the president Ukrkondprom.

Growth gas prices for industry, he said, this year took place monthly, and if in January 2021 year, suppliers offered gas to businesses at an average price 5,9 th. UAH / thousand. city3, then in October the price crossed 40 th. UAH / thousand m3.

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"Ukrkondprom": in Ukraine a record drop in confectionery production was recorded

Sep 24 2021

This statement was made by the President of the Ukrkondprom Association Oleksandr Baldyniuk.

He reported, that from July 2021 year began to fall in production confectionery. In particular, production of caramel and chocolate groups confectioners declined in July 2021 year by a record 25.9% compared to the same period the previous year and in August the decline continued - compared to August 2020 year fell 12,5%.

"Similar rates of decline in production were observed except that in 2014 year, but then it was explained by the closure of the Russian market and the beginning of the war. " – stressed President of the Association.

He also noted, that “in addition to the record drop in production we we have another sad "achievement" for Ukraine – record growth in imports of sweets by 28.8% "for the first half.

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