Ultrasound improves the Private freight rates: Why should it worry Ukrainians

Aug 21 2018 published c Uncategorized, earnings

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The Association “Ukrkondprom” reported, that due to changes in the procedure for determining the cost of using their own cars the cost of US use the indoor and refrigerator cars, which are required for the export of confectionery, immediately increased three times - with 213,6 USD to 684 UAH per day. After raising to 28 July rates rose further 19,5% – to 817,2 UAH per day. In this way, totally agree 5 months of the year carload component of the cost of rail transportation has increased by almost four times, According to the Association.

industrialists complain, that their actions ultrasound knocks Ukrainian confectioners with the Central Asian markets, which account for a quarter (25%) total exports. In light of the, that Russia has blocked the transit of Ukrainian producers, state-owned companies such actions play into her hands, said the head of Asootsiatsii “Ukrkondprom” Alexander Baldınyuk: “Products have to pass through the Black Sea by ferry - the cost of delivery has increased in 2,5 fold. We are teetering on the verge of profitability in Central Asia. I spoke with representatives of the confectionery companies, they say, after the first price hike (railcar component) they took off from the export of several headings”.


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