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Memorandum on cooperation and partnership with the Association of Polish Chocolate and Confectionery Manufacturers "POLBISCO"

May 06 2024 published under Uncategorized, Activity, earnings, news

29 April 2024 Association "Ukrkondprom" signed a Memorandum of Cooperation and Partnership with the Association of Polish Chocolate and Confectionery Manufacturers "POLBISCO".
During the signing of the Memorandum, the presidents of the associations: Oleksandr Baldyniuk and Marek Przezhdziaka discussed the urgent problems of the development of the confectionery and chocolate industry in Ukraine and Poland, partnership relations in matters of bilateral trade, unimpeded access to the markets of the two countries, organization of joint events, aimed at supporting Ukrainian and Polish manufacturers of confectionery and chocolate, etc.
The issue of the Polish-Ukrainian crisis was also raised, associations spoke in favor of unblocking the borders, because such a situation complicates the circulation of goods, harms the economy and affects the processing industry more, consumers therefore suffer from this, that access to goods worsens.

Ukraine and Poland are trade and strategic partners, therefore, the restoration of the borders will renew the partnership between the two countries.

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Joint letter of Ukrainian business

May 01 2024 published under Uncategorized, Activity, earnings, news

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
to Mr. Stefanchuk R.O.

Heads of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Law Enforcement Activities
to Mr. Ionushas S.K.

Heads of the Committee on Finance of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine,
tax and customs policy
Mr. Getmantsev D.O.

To the First Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
on finance, tax and customs policy
Mr. Zheleznyak Ya.I.

People's deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Heads of TSC on the protection of investors' rights
Ms. Yanchenko G.I.

Prosecutor General
to Mr. Kostin A.E.

It is being processed in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine draft Law of Ukraine No. 10440 dated 29.01.2024 "On making changes to Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine and other legislative acts regarding improving the work of the Bureau of Economic Security of Ukraine".

Among the predictions of adoption and implementation of this project, the improvement of the legal basis of the BEB activity was announced, ensuring guarantees of compliance with the rights of legal entities during the execution of decisions investigating judge, court on temporary access to things and documents and on search other ownership of the subject of entrepreneurial activity, etc.

Specialists of business associations, without being indifferent, and while waiting for real changes to be made to current legislation, which will guarantee business protection from pressure law enforcement officers and illegal interference in economic activity – in detail analyzed this draft law and prepared a number of proposals, which are required to take into account when finalizing it.

Given the difficult situation, when trust business to law enforcement agencies needs to be restored – it is extremely important to make changes to the CCP of Ukraine, which will contribute to the restoration of business confidence in law enforcement agencies. Moreover, this step will be effective along with by restarting the Bureau of Economic Security (draft law No. 10439 of Business is being prepared for the second reading).

Changes are desperately needed, worked up specialists of leading business associations, which are important to implement and implement soon:

Predict, that of criminal offenses, under investigation by the National Police and BEB, cannot be provided assignment by the operational officer of the SBU.

Any actions or omissions, and decision of the investigator, inquirer, prosecutor, accepted for any procedural action can be appealed to the investigating judge.

Predict, that the prosecutor has after receiving court decision, according to which it is necessary to return the temporarily withdrawn property, duty appears during 24 hours to give an instruction to the investigator regarding immediate return of such property and 72 hours to return such property, the body that removed it.

Enter the term of validity of the decision of the investigating judge on seizure of property. With a float 60 days, if the seizure is imposed on the property of a third party (natural or legal person), at the same time, if such a person, the founder or the employee of such a legal entity did not acquire the status of a suspect, the court must cancel the arrest at the request of such a person, if the prosecutor does not prove the necessity further seizure of such property.

Introduce the concept of critical property (means of labor, which is a component of economic activity) and set exceptions grounds for its removal

Predict, that failure to notify the owner of property on the consideration of a request for seizure of property is an obstacle in the consideration of such request.

Give the investigator the right to cancel as well to arrest – by closing criminal proceedings, in agreement with the prosecutor.

Install, that the maximum amount of the deposit cannot exceed the minimum amount of incriminated damages, confirmed expert opinion,  also remove exceptional cases for assignment pledge, which exceeds the dimensions established by the code.

To place the duty on investigative judges checking compliance by the pre-trial investigation body with the requirements of the investigation, at consideration of submitted petitions.

Predict, that violation of jurisdiction criminal proceedings, illegal change of criminal liability proceedings – can be appealed to a higher-level prosecutor, and the refusal of the satisfaction of such a complaint may be appealed to the court.

Predict, that the person in whom it was held search – must get the right to get acquainted with the materials that the prosecutor, investigator substantiated the arguments of the petition. The right of cancellation is supposed to be granted search warrants. The evidence received on the annulled decision will not be considered evidence.

Prohibit seizure of things and documents, which are not specified in the decision of the investigating judge.

Establish specific terms of pre-trial detention investigation and the procedure for their continuation in actual criminal proceedings, excluding crimes, assigned to the jurisdiction of NABU and DBR (for them the current version of the CCP remains). It is also proposed to settle issues regarding terms in criminal proceedings that fell on martial law (30 months for investigation + they have all the terms they have left before military service can be used by addition 30 months) with the right to continue such terms of investigative judges.

Enter an injunction against the prosecution to carry out examinations in bodies subordinate to such a party, in order to prevent monopoly on conducting examinations and its abuse. Such a monopoly leads before, that a law enforcement agency (for example, SBU, National Police) violates criminal proceedings in their own NDEKTS of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or ISTE of the SBU appoint and conducts examinations to confirm its position as a party to the prosecution. This monopoly leads to bias in the implementation of criminal proceedings.

Predict, that the investigating judge, court – they can issue a separate resolution, with which to recognize a violation of the terms of return of the seized property and refer it to a disciplinary body, or to resolve the issue of registration of criminal proceedings with the relevant authorities.

We emphasize,  without making changes, what will make the BEB the only body for investigating economic and other crimes fundamental changes in the Communist Party of Ukraine, specified in the application – not possible solve the problem of pressure on business.

We call on people's deputies to hold discussion of proposals developed by the business and to finalize project No. 10440 to first reading, including the norms proposed by business representatives.

Business associations:

Chamber of Commerce
Association of Taxpayers of Ukraine
European Business Association
Association of veteran entrepreneurs
All-Ukrainian Agrarian Council
Association of private employers
Association of Lawyers of Ukraine
Business community Board
CLUB100 business community
Oil and Gas Association of Ukraine
Kharkiv IT Cluster
Association of Boroshnomela of Ukraine
All-Ukrainian Professional Association of Entrepreneurs
Association of Software Ukraine
Association Ukrkondprom
Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business
Ukrainian Federation of Security Industry

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Bill 10439-Bureau of Economic Security

Apr 11 2024 published under Activity, earnings, news

Ukrkondprom as a member of the Ukrainian Council Business became a signatory of the appeal, in which the people are called upon deputies to consider business proposals, including, of:

  • Prescribing the procedure for re-certification of all personnel, which would contain key fuses, in particular, regarding the impossibility of renewal by the courts employees, who did not pass such re-certification;
  • Strengthening the analytical function of the Bureau by provision of free access for BEB to existing state information systems;
  •  Establishing performance criteria for the updated Bureau economic security and their constant control;
  • Granting the right to the personnel commission during re-certification of personnel should be guided by reasonable doubt, which is based on facts, documents, etc – during the integrity check of the candidate.

Disregard of the above-mentioned proposals regarding the mechanism of re-certification of current employees and strengthening the analytical function of the law enforcement body – carries a significant risk saving personnel, that do not comply with the principles of integrity and repeatability unsuccessful launch of the Bureau of Economic Security.

The full text of the appeal can be found at link:

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It will not be sweet. Why in Ukraine 2024 prices for chocolate and candies will skyrocket this year

Apr 04 2024 published under Activity, earnings, news

World prices for cocoa beans exceeded the mark 10 thousands of dollars per ton, setting another record. The market was shaken by a poor harvest from key West African producers, which led not only to an increase in the price, but also to a noticeable shortage of cocoa beans.Focus researched, what is happening and how the situation on the cocoa bean market will affect the cost of Ukrainian confectionery.

Reasons for shortage: production cuts and weather conditions

In the last week of March, the most active cocoa futures jumped to 4,5% before $10080 per ton in New York. And although later they decreased to $9 622, fordata Bloomberg, cocoa futures in London and New York have more than doubled this year.
Experts explain, that this followed news of funding problems in Ghana, which is the second largest producer of cocoa beans in the world.The thing is, that the Ghana Cocoa Board relies on foreign funding, to pay farmers, who grow cocoa. But the country could soon lose access to a key financial mechanism due to a crop crisis.

President of the Association “Ukrkondprom” Oleksandr Baldyniuk draws attention, that price increases are unlikely to be temporary, because this is a big systemic problem. “For a long time, low prices were kept for cocoa beans, therefore, the field did not attract the attention of investors, - noted the expert in the comment Focus. —Cultivation of cocoa beans, which is localized in three African countries (Cote dʼIvoire, Ghana and Nigeria), has been declining over the years: the trees grew old, the area was not increased, harvests were decreasing. Lately, weather conditions have been imposed on it, which were unfavorable for cultivation and harvesting, and the world faced a shortage of cocoa beans. Prices do not stop yet: if over the past year they have increased by 50%, then for the first three months 2024 year - almost twice. For comparison: in September 2022, cocoa beans could be bought for 2,5 th. dollars per ton, in December last year — by 4 th. dollars per ton, and now the cost has exceeded 9 th. dollars”.

The full text of the article can be found at the link:

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