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Candy Industry ТОР-100

Sea 06 2019 published under Uncategorized, Activity, earnings, news

In the world ranking of manufacturers of sweets Candy Industry TOP-100 2019 Year included two Ukrainian companies

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Raising tariffs for cars Ukrzaliznytsia almost 500% Last year - it's hard knockdown FOR UKRAINIAN EXPORTERS

Oct 25 2018 published under Uncategorized, Activity, earnings

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Inadequate and unpredictable pricing policy UZ – a heavy knockdown for Ukrainian exporters of food products, – commented President of the Association "Ukrkondprom" Alexander Baldynyuk message about the next increase in tariffs for using their own cars carrier.

said O.Baldynyuk, which will take place in November, the third increase in a year, As a result the cost of using the indoor and refrigerator car, that used to export food products, to grow by 50,4% – to 1228,8 USD per night. Thus, In the past 9 month price increase of almost 6 times – from 213,6 UAH. to 1228,8 UAH.

According to the head "Ukrkondpromu", in terms of transit of war with Russia a sharp increase in tariffs will have a shock effect on the Ukrainian confectionery exports to Central Asia, which is a traditional market for Ukrainian food products. For transit through Russian ban has led to a significant rise in the cost of logistics in the region and, Consequently, drop in exports of confectionery products to the target audience to 43%. continue Reading »

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