Ukrainian consumers are increasingly paying attention to the quality of food

Feb 04 2013 published c REFORM QUALITY CONTROL

In the Ukraine continue to implement the European model of quality control and food safety. It provides relevant bill, which is pending in Parliament Ukraine.

According to him,, the only competent authority, that responsibility for compliance in this area, will be the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service. These changes have attracted public attention, so now, except the functions assigned to the institution, it informs the public about reforms in this sector. The chairman of the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service Vladimir Horzheyev.

"Creating a single body, responsible for quality control and safety of animal and vegetable origin, - a, certainly, step towards Europe, which is very important for the Ukrainian producers and consumers. emphasize, that one of the main changes is to strengthen the responsibility of operators for violation of legislation. Тому постійно зростає кількість звернень до Держветфітослужби щодо інформації про послуги, products and products, subject to control ", - the head Derzhvetfitosluzhby.

Vladimir said Horzheyev, that public information about the activities of institutions and reform is an important part of Derzhvetfitosluzhby. So to all appeals, petition, complaints and requests for information management and leading specialists provide comprehensive answers Derzhvetfitosluzhby.

Also recalled Vladimir Horzheyev, last year the heads and leading specialists of the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service received requests from over 400 citizens and representatives of the public and businesses. Найчастішими були звернення від підприємців щодо послуг ветеринарної та фітосанітарної служби, products and products, subject to control, and Legal Affairs.

Press Service of Ukraine Derzhvetfitosluzhby

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