The situation with traffic queues at the borders of Ukraine

Oct 07 2022 published c Uncategorized, Activity, earnings, news

Critical situation with long queues, which was formed at the border crossings of the Ukrainian-Polish border at the beginning of September this year, has improved significantly.

This was reported by the president of the Association “Ukrkondprom” Oleksandr Baldyniuk.

“As of today, queues have been reduced by almost 10 times, in particular, in the same Yagodina - to 250 auto, and the idle time of trucks at the border is tripled, from ten to three or four days. It's more, than the Ukrainian exporter would like,  but progress is evident”, – noted the head of Ukrkondprom.

According to him, the cause of traffic jams was the low capacity of border crossings, caused by cargo inspection procedures on the Polish side with the growing cargo flow on the Ukrainian side in wartime conditions.

He paid attention, what “During the eight months of Russia's military aggression, truck carriers became the main transport pillar of the Ukrainian economy: 14% export and 53% imports were transported in September 2022 of the year by motor vehicle”. 

According to the head of Ukrkondprom, the crisis was significantly reduced thanks to the joint efforts of the relevant Ukrainian state bodies within the project “Open border”.

The full text of the press conference can be found at the link:

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