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Ukraine will not be an exception: the price of a popular product is expected to rise all over the world

Sea 18 2024 published under Activity, earnings, news

The global chocolate crisis is intensifying - African factories for processing cocoa beans are suspending work. This will lead to the global rise in chocolate prices, which may become a delicacy in the future. Ukrainian manufacturers of confectionery products in addition, they are under additional pressure - due to difficulties with logistics against the background of the Polish blockade of the border.

As reportedReuters with reference to the words of traders, chocolate prices are expected to rise in the world due to the suspension of cocoa bean processing plantsin Ghana and Ivory Coast. “Chocolate manufacturers cannot produce products from raw cocoa and rely on processing plants. But, processing enterprises claim, what are theydo not have the opportunity to purchase cocoa beans“, - stated in the message.

During the last year cocoa prices more than doubled, breaking historical highs several times. Chocolate producers have already raised prices for consumers after three years of cocoa failure, and, probably, is expected the fourth unharvested year in Ghana and Ivory Coast, which produce almost 60% of the world's cocoa volume.

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Sea 18 2024 published under Activity, earnings, news

Chocolate may become a delicacy in the future and will not be available to everyone.

Cocoa bean prices continue to rise on world exchanges, from which chocolate is made. The price of a ton on the world market soared to 6600 dollars. Besides, Ukrainian producers are experiencing difficulties with chocolate logistics. Oleksandr Baldyniuk told about it, head “Ukrkondpromu”, write“Telegraph”.

He explained, that transporting chocolate, which is used by Ukrainian confectioners, became more difficult, primarily due to the blockade of the Ukrainian-Polish border.

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Chocolate prices will skyrocket very soon: what is the reason and what prices to prepare for

Sea 18 2024 published under Activity, earnings, news

Ukrainian confectioners are in trouble: war, logistics and expensive cocoa beans. Chocolate can double in price?
Exchange futures for cocoa beans 3 crossed the mark in March 6600 dollars per ton. AND, according to analysts' forecasts, this is not the last price increase. That means chocolate will also become more expensive. Indeed, in the coming years it may become “luxury”, which not every sweet lover can afford.

Ukrainian confectioners are also dependent on the price of cocoa beans, like everyone else. But we have many other factors, which drive up the cost of chocolate products, for example, very expensive logistics. So says the head “Ukrkondpromu” Oleksandr Baldyniuk. That, the prices of domestic chocolates and candies may even exceed global dynamics.
“Business Telegraph” researched the issue. There is no good news for chocolate lovers.
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Manufacturers of confectionery and snack products at the ISM exhibition 2024

Feb 07 2024 published under EXHIBITION ACTIVITIES, Activity, earnings, news

WITH 28 January to 31 January in the city of Cologne, Germany held the exhibition of sweets and snacks ISM Cologne.

years is the most important an event for confectionary industry specialists and the largest international exhibition in confectionery and snack industry in the world 50 years is the most important an event for confectionary industry specialists and the largest international exhibition in confectionery and snack industry in the world.

Muesli. Among the new topics - sweet snacks, meat and fish snacks, fruit and vegetable snacks, Muesli, copper, Jemmy, tea, GIZ, sweets, biscuit ware, desserts etc.

With the support of the German Society international cooperation (GIZ) presented their products at the national joint stand of the ISM exhibition, including, members of the "Ukrkondprom" Association, which make confectionery and snacks, presented their products at the national joint stand of the ISM exhibition.

PJSC "Dniprovsky Combine of Food Concentrates": starting with the classic corn sticks (PJSC "Dniprovsky Combine of Food Concentrates"), "Dominic Co" LLC ( LLC "Invert"), chocolate bars (JSC "Zhytomyr Lasoshchi"), Biscuits "Jaffa" (LLC "Solodka Dolyna") and sandwich cookies ("Dominic Co" LLC); TOV "Prime Sneck": gluten and lactose free cookies (PP "Let's Be Healthy", TM "Smakuli"), handmade chocolate products from cherub (LLC "Leopol"), Transcarpathian pastila ("OGO FOOD" LLC), cheese snacks (TOV "Prime Sneck") POP» (TM "LOL&POP»).

Representatives of national companies at the stand, they also got acquainted with the innovations and trends in confectionery and snack industries, and conducted over hundreds of negotiations with potential internationals buyers, suppliers of raw materials and ingredients, who visited ISM exhibition.

After returning to Ukraine, the participants of the national stand shared their impressions, including, export manager "Invert" LLC Olena Klish said: "This exhibition gave us another opportunity show Europe ,that Ukrainian companies follow global trends in in the field of confectionery products and can adequately represent Ukraine in this field sphere New acquaintances, new ideas, new inspiration…. It's all that, why we visited this exhibition!».

In turn, Lyudmila Sidenko, JSC director "Zhytomyr delicacies", thanked GIZ for the opportunity to present company at the ISM exhibition, and for helping and providing everything necessary for conducting meetings with potential and existing ones partners in comfortable conditions and a warm atmosphere.

The representatives of PrJSC "Dniprovsky Combine of Food Concentrates" were not left behind.: "We were happy to present our products to European store chains and food distributors: confectionery (tubes, candy bars, pillows, waffles), corn sticks, salty snacks, cereals, instant soups, breadcrumbs, coffee, coffee drinks, cocoa, jelly. Expanding opportunities for cooperation is an important aspect of our company's development strategy," said Oleksandr Kryvolap, director of the sales department.

Also, the director of the PP "Let's be healthy" shared her impressions of the ISM exhibition (TM "Smakuli") Ruslana Rymarska: "Our company took part in such a large-scale exhibition for the first time. Preparation for the exhibition was very effective, which included educational webinars, processing materials on the IPD platform and performing homework on the formation of a price and unique sales offer, as well as company presentations. An important successful element of training was the work of consultants, who organized b2b meetings. During the exhibition, we received many favorable comments about our products from visitors to the stand, and spent 13 pre-planned b2b meetings. We are grateful to the Association and personally to Oleksandr Baldynyuk for creating such an opportunity for our company.".

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